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About ICAN


ICAN is a nonprofit public interest litigation organization dedicated to serving as a legal advocate and voice for small investors and entrepreneurs whose efforts are too often impeded by government regulation. Through our work, ICAN is developing a precedent-based legal bulwark against overreach by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and highlighting the crucial role robust capital markets play in creating a healthy, vibrant economy, where upward mobility is an opportunity available to all.


ICAN’s mission is to break down barriers to entry to capital markets and push back against the overreach of the Securities and Exchange Commission. 


ICAN’s vision is an America where all people have the opportunity to improve their financial circumstances, and that of their family and community, through access to robust capital markets, helping to fuel vibrant local and national economies driven by innovation and entrepreneurship. 

Values Statement

  • We believe people should be free to choose how to invest their own money, a cornerstone of the American Dream.

  • We believe that access to capital markets, and the freedom for individuals to make informed decisions about personal investments, is essential to ensuring a robust economy, helping to empower underrepresented populations and to close historic wealth gaps that have too often been exacerbated by excessive government regulation.

  • We believe breaking down barriers to capital markets is an issue that transcends political ideology. ICAN is committed to working in good faith with allies across the ideological spectrum who share our vision for a vibrant American economy, driven by innovation and entrepreneurship, where all people have access to the opportunities afforded by robust capital markets.

  • We believe that the right of average Americans to access information about the workings of government entities like the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the right to legally challenge the decisions of such entities, is one of the hallmarks of a healthy nation.

  • We are committed to serving as fierce, relentless advocates for the small investors and entrepreneurs we represent, ensuring their voices are heard and their rights protected. 

  • We value honesty and integrity above all. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and expect the same of our partners and allies.


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